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When you want a classic Swiss watch like no other, Breitling has what you need. Properly named the instrument for professionals, Breitling has been brining some of the best Swiss watches around to the industry. Since 1884, Breitling has been a name in quality watches. These watches are beautiful, durable and dependable. When an ordinary watch won’t do and you need something that meets your high demands and exceeds your highest expectations, you should consider Breitling.

Popular Breitling models include the:

– Navitimer

– Windrider

– Professional

– Aeromarine

There are many movements and calibers of Breitling watches, depending on which model you acquire. Breitling has used many types of movements and base movements over the years of creating watches and there are different Breitling caliber movements.

Over the years and the wide collection of models created, Breitling has used different types of materials for bands or bracelets on their watches. Some examples are:

o Aerospace Titanium Bracelet

o Fighter Bracelet

o Hercules Bracelet

o Mesh Bracelet

o Navitimer Bracelet

o Ocean Classic

o Pilot Bracelet

o Professional Bracelet

o Professional II Bracelet

o Professional Titanium Bracelet

o Professional Titanium II Bracelet

o Rouleaux Bracelet

o Speed Bracelet

o Diver Pro Strap

o Ocean Racer

o Leather Strap w/Tang Buckle

o Croc Strap w/Tang Buckle

o Shark Skin Strap

o Folding Clasp

Like many other popular luxury watches, Breitlings are commonly replicated and sold over the internet. Breitling warns their customers to be aware of these fakes. A great way to tell a true Breitling is by looking at the strap or band of the watch. Replicas do no usually have accurate markings or a good build quality in the straps.

If you are a fan of Swiss aviation watches, you will love the Breitling line. The brand is highly popular with collectibles who enjoy finding old versions of the watches and dating them, restoring them and more. Or if you are looking for a great gift for someone on your list or a high quality, attractive watch that is durable and elegant at the same time, consider a Breitling today. Due to increasing quality control standards, Breitlings have only continued to improve and watches of today are made according to even higher standards than those of yesteryear.

Breitling has proved themselves to be a leader in producing world-class luxury sport wristwatches.Even if you don’t work in aviation, you can appreciate the exceptional craftsmanship that goes into each and every one of these watches. The technology behind Swiss made Breitling watches focuses greatly on functionality, ruggedness and precision. Each time piece is personally hand tested for quality.

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