British Army Discounts?

I just got my British Army ID Card and i heard that stores give military people discounts is this true and if so what stores or places do this?

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  1. says:

    Keith D’s answer is pretty much spot-on. The MOD Forces Discount brochure lists all the companies that offer discounts to holders of a valid MOD identity card (MOD F90, FIdent 107 or whatever the RN use).

    However, the brochure tends to be available in limited quantities that disappear quickly. The website is therefore often a better place to go:

    Having said that, I once worked with a hoary LSL Staff Sergeant who was shameless in flashing his ID card and asking for discounts at damn near every till he thought to approach. The regularity with which this approach succeeded, even with retailers and service providers with no connection to the Forces Discount brochure, was encouraging.

  2. Gk says:

    no idea mate…
    but sure they are gonna respect you more than they do now…
    aye aye sir!!

  3. Zebra Z says:

    i am not sure, the id must have come with some information?

  4. keith d says:
    pretty extensive list, though some stores will give you money off if you ask

  5. GEGE63 says:

    If you ask you chief clark for a discount brochure you’ll find every shop/ store listed that will give you discount. I do know that Blacks out door store and Burger king on the motorway services give you discount. Have fun.

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