Building A Pc Help Please!!!!!!!?

Hello, im thinking about building a computer but I have a budget of £400-£450
But all I want my computer to do is to be able to run adobe software well and to run a few basic games such as minecraft and strategy games such as medieval total wars. i would also like it to be in HD through a HD MI cable.
Could you please tell me if these parts are compatible and give me your views on them thanks.
I don’t need a Monitor or windows 7 thanks.
If it help it will be running on windows 7 Professional 64 bit
Case –…
CPU –…
Graphics card –…
HDD –…
Motherboard –…
PSU –…
Thank you very much i will be picking best answer

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2 Responses to “Building A Pc Help Please!!!!!!!?”

  1. Marcus says:

    Looks all good, don’t forget to include a DVD-RW! I personally prefer to use corsair psu’s but cooler master have good reviews. If you are only running minecraft and adobe I suggest you don’t need to buy a separate graphics card because the intel i5 and motherboard have integrated graphics that aren’t much different to that graphics card If you wan’t to run more intense games I suggest you buy a graphics card with 1gb+ of DDR5. Enjoy!

  2. Laurence I says:

    your power supply is poor its a very cheap range.
    your video card is very low power even a gt620 from must be a lot better
    or a gt 610
    your motherboard is overkill but good value for money

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