Building U.s. School=$200m. U.s. Construction Of Israeli Secret Base=$25m Only?

Couple years ago I read that building a public school in South Florida would cost $200 million dollars. The sum is out of this world. Yet, U.S. building a secret base for Israel–which unfortunately for the Israelis it is not so secret anymore after U.S. published details of the bldg. plans, etc.–will cost ONLY $25 million.
I know Israel is our friend and ally and the U.S. may have given them a discount, but still, how good could that base really be? Anything today costs millions of U.S. dollars–at least in the U.S.
Why such huge difference?…

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3 Responses to “Building U.s. School=$200m. U.s. Construction Of Israeli Secret Base=$25m Only?”

  1. 95 South says:

    They jewed down the price.

  2. Edgar says:

    I’d do further research before relying on anything I read in a McClatchy rag. Just saying.
    As for schools, Brookline, Mass. blew $200 million on a high school a few years back. No biggie. If you’re filthy rich, anyway. I live in a podunk little town with no more than three nickels to rub together, and we had to add three rooms to a grade school that has a grand total of…wait for it now…55 students in it. That addition cost $750,000; so, yes, even in Nowheresville, USA, it now costs $250,000 PER ROOM to keep the little kiddies ensconced in their learning environment for the day.
    The parking lot for that school typically has between 18 and 21 vehicles parked in it during the day. How you need 20 or so adults to educate 55 kids for seven hours a day is totally beyond me. Public education is pissing money away at a prodigious rate in this country; they’re living in a dream world, and all the while complaining that they don’t have enough money, while at best doing only an average job of actually teaching the kiddies what they’re supposed to be learning. File it under: your government at “work”.

  3. tracymae says:

    They didn’t have to deal with the US trade unions. You know the ones that go; one for you, two for me, one for you, three for me.

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