Business Card Etiquette Techniques

If someone asked you what the most important marketing tool ice, you’d probably reply with business cards. You would absolutely right about that question because it is undoubtedly a powerful marketing tool. What if you were asked if there is a special etiquette regarding business cards? The answer will vary depending on where you are in the world.


In Japan, business cards called Meishi and exchanged with great ceremony. The proper way to give and receive cards with cross hands. It is the first receivee with load of the hands, followed by an arc, and the expression of gratitude to the person for the opportunity to meet with them. The cards are not only put away immediately, pickup itself is considered rude. It is printed in the home language on the one hand and Japan on the other, and together with the Japanese language page up. The Japanese place emphasis on status and hierarchy, so the title is a must. At a meeting of the Japanese Normal lay the cards on the table in front of them.

The cards card name and title will contain had with the company name, address and telephone number of the businessman. In Japan it is rejected to write on the card, as well as putting the card in your pocket or purse. These actions are seen as disrespectful. Tickets are cardholders. As the Japanese value the business card so high, the highest quality cardboard ice usually underused.


business card etiquette is a little more relaxed in the United Kingdom and involve small ceremony. It is not considered disrespectful hold two cards in your pocket, the rooms definitely need to keep clean and presentable.


In India, they are presented so that the recipient read the text in February when the card is handed two themselve. If you have a university degree or a fee for that matter, it is Something That should be put on the card. When handing out business card and is used to receive the right hand and the cards need not be translated into Hindi.

North America

Little if any ceremony is confirmed two card exchanges here, the business card etiquette is pretty loose. Manager and staff cards must be clean and keep presentable, it is not uncommon for business practice two cards loose in Tre Archi bags or make two notes on the back of the card or other shiny surfaces. It is actually recommended by many party card blank two rooms have a space to write on when in the field. Finding a writing surface can be difficult to obtain at times.

They are usually distributed at the beginning of the meetings, and only one is given. At informal meetings MORETHAN a business card is handed over.


In China, it is better two presented your card before you ask for that of the other person. The translation of the card is in simplified Chinese characters and in the appropriate dialect (Mandarin or Cantonese). If the company is distinguished by the eldest or Reviews on the largest of the card will bring that fact. As in Japan, the map will be presented with a load of hands, Chinese translation upwards, type in the direction of the receiver so that the card can be read. After receiving a business card is customary two arch and the person to thank for the opportunity to meet with them. After receiving a ticket is checked care helpful, and would be a nice gesture to ask two questions to clarify somepoint two transfer interest. The cards are never to put a road map typed immediately and fists

General Business Card Etiquette Tips

-. If traveling two another country, a translation in the Appropriate. Language

– When in another country of the hand the card with the correct language to top

– .. Business cards are usually exchanged at the beginning or end of a meeting

– Make a point two study the card is issued to you, to comment on and ask questions about any

-My room was adequate with you so you do not run

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