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Networking is a great way to get yourself in front of a lot of people to talk about what you may have to sacrifice another. Over time, however, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of everyone you met and this can two missing important opportunities, wooden lead undermine all the effort you put into the network in the first place. Follow-up meetings themselve gets harder as you struggle to face That goes with the card you are looking to remember, and what was so important about that person. Failure to follow Effective ice so the main reason people do not get the full benefit of networking. So how to avoid the problem?

The key is to gather the information that you manage business cards. Many business people willhave Collected Hundreds of cards, and taking into account any of you bother useful and important can be almost impossible if they are not organized in a way meaningful. Here is a simple but powerful system for making the best use of what may be one of the most useful resources you have, and two make sure you monitor your network meetings effective:

1. Make notes on the cards as you collect themselve. This will really help jog your memory later. What is it about this person that is doing (or not) interest you? This is the first phase of your screening process.

2. As fast as you can, transfer the data from the card to a database of some sort. This can be anything from a CRM system or a spreadsheet, what you have, the key is two capture the information in a working system thatwill remind you of what you have done already tasks username and request for further action if necessary.

3. Follow-up immediately, making notes on the system as you go. That way you can quickly separate the people bother to keep in touch with, and you can Reviews file that away.

4. Have a classification system that allows you to monitor your contacts effectively separate reviews you will definitely do business with to a casual encounter that you have reason to stay in contact with can not see.

5. File the cards in a special binder. Again separate the cards into two categories two make them easy to find, and within file themselve in each category logical, eg city company name or individual name. This February seems a bit bureaucratic at first, but once you start two growing collection of cards you will adore to request a system if you try two traces a map of a meeting you on several months ago (it happens) had.

6. Periodic cleaning your files, right on the screen and into your binder. Over time you will not ask people just gather relevant to your business or life. Be ruthless about removing noise themselve from your system, otherwise Theywill clutter that makes it harder to focus on two important contacts Word. If you do regular follow-ups, etc. as those ashes you two give themselve a call in six months, you do not want to ask trawling through pages of information That ice of no use.

The key is two collect information ratherthan the cards and ask disciplined in the way you act on that information. Following up is a habit that needs to be done soon after each networking event, and the results recorded and submitted for action as required. Once you get into this habit two business cards are rather clutter in your desk drawer, two sacks and a source of information that you can use.

Source by Jim Cunliffe

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