Business Math Classwork Help!?

1. An invoice is sent to a retail store for the purchase of 3 dozen raincoats costing $1750. The invoice is dated March 22 and the terms are 5/10, 3/20, n/30. If the invoice is paid on April 14, how much does the store’s owner pay for the merchandise? Use the formula: N = (1 – R) x L.
a. $1662.50
b. $1697.50
c. $1225
d. $1400
3. An electronics dealer buys an HDTV from a manufacturer. She receives a trade discount series on the purchase of 40/15/10. If the list price of HDTV is $2500, find the discount price. Use the formula: N = (1 – R) x L.
4. A buyer receives a series discount of 40/20/10 on a price of $3500. How much does he pay? Use the formula: N = (1 – R) x L.
8. The bill of loading on the motorcycle said “Prepay and add,” and the cost was $2665. What does the buyer pay?
a. The buyer pays the freights cost directly to the freight company.
b. The buyer pays the merchant company, who in turn pays the freight company.
c. The buyer does not pay anything for the freight.

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