Business Proposal From My Good Friend?

Hello there!
A good friend offered a job in his business where i would find merchants for the company and profits from customers redeeming vouchers from said merchant whether it be restaurants or activities in the area. He mentioned something about the percentage of what he and the company would take would increase slightly depending on how much we earn but would be null for the first few months to get up and running.
I guess its like I would have control of my “region” and its up to me to make as much money as possible. He mentioned that all help I needed is there from various backgrounds of the 2 people higher than himself.
The contract has not been seen by me yet but he mentioned something about initially it would be 20% of the cut. Is it worth it? What should I look out for in the contract?
Many thanks!

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3 Responses to “Business Proposal From My Good Friend?”

  1. The Coz says:

    Business is no place for friendships; it is tough with many gray areas. He will for sure become your ex-friend.

  2. kemperk says:

    walk away and say “thanks.”
    They have no biz, they have an idea and it would be part of the other company.
    I have not seen this approach in 25 yrs. It is part of a pyramid scheme that they would not
    agree that it is.
    They want your efforts for free for x months; absurd.
    do not talk further with them –tell them you got busy and go elsewhere
    ask others if they agree or disagree with me!

  3. womanswo says:

    All I can say is when you see this ‘contract’ take it to a solicitor and get it checked out BEFORE you sign anything or agree to anything. YOU won’t understand what to look out for in a contract.

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