Buy Kindle Fire Hd With Amazon Christmas Coupons?

One of my friends was saying he bought his Amazon Kindle Fire HD with $50 off coupon from Amazon during christmas deals.
I was wondering, where can I get this $50 off coupon for Amazon Kindle Fire HD? Thanks alot!

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2 Responses to “Buy Kindle Fire Hd With Amazon Christmas Coupons?”

  1. terrell says:

    There are alot of different Amazon Kindle coupons you can use during the amazon christmas deals going on. They had a $50 off Kindle code last week I believe.
    I just got mine a couple of days ago, and I used a amazon promotional code to get a discount on the Kindle Fire HD.

  2. ToPoint says:

    That’s a one day only coupon and it’s expired already. In the holiday season, Amazon had the following one day only discounts, and they were both available on that day only:
    1. On 26th Nov, there’s a one day only coupon for Kindle Fire 2nd Generation (the $159 one). It’s a $30 off coupon.
    2. On 10th Dec, there’s a one day only discount coupon for the two Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ (both the one with 4G LTE, and the one without). It’s a $50 discount coupon.
    So the above are on the less popular models. They never put the most popular Kindle Fire HD 7″ under discount, neither on any Kindle e-readers (like Kindle Paperwhite, basic Kindle, etc.).
    You can check the Kindle Fire HD sales page, when there’s such kind of discount there’s a banner show up on the top and you must see it (same for the last two times, the banner showed up on the sales page of all Kindle models, telling which Kindle model was at discount on that day). However, I don’t think there will be any discount or coupon hereafter. You have to wait for Christmas and Black Friday deals next year…
    Hope that helps.

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