Buying A 13′ Mac Book Pro Tomorrow Should I Buy It From Best Buy Or The Apple Store?

I already made the decision that I am buying a 13 inch Mac Book Pro tomorrow, I just don’t know where I should buy it. If I buy it at the Apple Store I will receive 100 dollars off and I get a small discount on the Apple Protection. the total will be exactly 1,282 (this includes the education discount, and apple 3 year warranty). I don’t plan on getting pages, number ect. but I plan on in a couple of weeks purchasing MS Word/Excel ect if my friend can’t find her CD copy.
At Best Buy the total will be 1,129. I have heard that they price match if you can find it cheaper somewhere else. I have also heard that sometimes they have a deal where they will install MS Word for free if you purchase a Mac laptop there. Also my mom’s friend told her that the warranty there can be paid month to month and when her brothers laptop was stolen they were quick to replace it.
One thing I heard was that apple protection doesn’t cover accidental cases while I heard that Best Buy doesn’t cover any software problems.
Which should I go with? Where did you get your Mac?

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