Buying a acoustic guitar and I want to buy steel strings which are the best for playing rock songs?

And I want to buy the steel strings from amazon UK

and this is the acoustic guitar I am getting:
Thanks you everyone for your advice I went on amazon to see if I could find a better guitar

what do think of this one

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5 Responses to “Buying a acoustic guitar and I want to buy steel strings which are the best for playing rock songs?”

  1. Russell E says:

    Tony and Danny are right, The strings you get with it are the strings you use. Different types of strings are not made for different types of music..
    If you want to play rock, get an electric guitar.

    However, if you wish to change the strings, try these

    They will be the easiest to play

    here’s how to change strings

    While not a "toy" guitar, it is very low quality. The tuners are probably going to be kinda imprecise and hard to get tuned just right, but if you are a beginner, then it’s just OK. The extra light strings will make it easier to play, since I’ll bet the action is going to be pretty lousy.

  2. SmartAZ says:

    Nylons strings are tightened to about 50 pounds tension per string. Steel strings are tightened to about 200 pounds, so there is a good chance the guitar will break if it was not made for steel strings. That model is made for steel strings, so I wonder what exactly you are asking.

    Some players prefer this or that brand of strings, some don’t. Some put on new strings every day, some only wash the strings and use them until they break. You just have to figure out what works for you.

  3. Tony B says:

    Guitar strings aren’t designed to play particular types of music – steel strings are steel strings. Players just choose a type (80/20 brass or phosphor bronze) and gauge to suit their own tastes. Some people have a favourite brand but after forty years of playing I would say there is nothing much to choose between reputable brands.

    I know this isn’t what you’re asking and you won’t want to hear this but you will be lucky if that guitar is even playable. I would expect it to be more of a toy (age 12 and above) than a serious musical instrument. You need to spend about £100 to be able to get a suitable guitar to learn on, and you need to buy from a music store.

    Edit: I’d expect the Yamaha to be a MUCH better instrument. I would still advise you to buy from a store though and to be able to try out the guitar and take a good look at it. Whatever you decide though, good luck with it and enjoy playing.

  4. Danny says:

    Go ahead and use what comes on the guitar, as you need to learn some stuff anyway. Then, maybe some months past that point, replace the string set, and then you can go a little lighter in gauge, and get down to a "plain" (unwound) third string, useful for ‘bends and stuff. Note that going lighter will reduce the acoustical power of the guitar a bit. But it will also potentially be a nice boost in comfort and speed, just when you might appreciate that.

  5. FilipinoKid15 says:

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