Buying a cd from (problem)?

Not too long ago I bought I new cd from When it arrived the cd was opened (not factory sealed like in stores) . Now I really want to buy a different cd from but I want the cd factory sealed and completely new like you get in stores.
Will I get a new, factory sealed cd if I order with

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2 Responses to “Buying a cd from (problem)?”

  1. fabulon says:

    If you buy from yes. I purchased many items directly from them and have been always very satisfied. There are others resellers using amazon though.. up to now my experience with them has been good, but of course then it depends on resellers. If the difference is not huge, I usually prefer to but directly from

  2. Chri says:

    It depends who you buy with on Amazon. If you buy it off Amazon its self then it will be new. Look at the reviews of the other retailers if it is not available from them.

    P.S. is normally a very good retailer and your CD should not have been opened, but you may have bought it from someone selling through play as they have a scheme where you can sell you stuff.

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