Buying A Formicarium Vs. Making One?

I plan on raising an ant colony from a single queen. When I need a formicarium for my colony, will it be better to buy a formicarium online, or to make my own from materials from local pet and hardware stores? I’m looking for functionality as well as quality. Pricing aside, what would you do?

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One Response to “Buying A Formicarium Vs. Making One?”

  1. I'mBored says:

    If you can find the necessary materials, you could make it yourself. It’s quite fun too.
    I’ve tried out a few plaster nests before finally cashing in a hundred dollars or so to buy one of Tar Heel Ants formicarium. It’s working great, much better than my plaster ones.
    If you can find Y-tong, use it. It’s much better material, but need to drill the chambers and tunnels out.
    If you decide to buy, I recommend Tar Heel Ants or TarHeel Ants have received positive feedbacks even though it’s new, probably because the owner is also a fellow ant keeper with a lot of years of experience.
    If you do decide to use Tar Heel Ants, please PM ( private message ) me. There’s a referral program going on where you could get a 5% discount, not including shipping, off the total order. I’ll give you the code. Of course, I’ll get some benefit from it too. )

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