Buying A Ps Vita, Please Help 10 Pts?

I’m going to be buying the vita from gamestop and the games i know i want for sure are:
Persona 4 Golden
Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward
Dynasty Warriors Next
This will be my first playstation product since the PS2 when i was a kid so idk how the PSN works or how to buy games etc. Should i buy the games from gamestop or that PSN store? If i get them at amazon for cheaper is that ok?
Also i want to buy some PSP games but im not sure if they have to be digitaly downloaded or not, how does that work? For instance i want:
Valyria Chronicles II
Do i download them from the PSN or do i buy them in person from a store? Also if from the PSN how do i buy games from there? With my creditcard like with xbox live?

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  1. Anonymou says:

    Well personally i prefer having a physical copy of the game one which i can look at because it takes up less room on your hard drive and of course it has more value if you ever want to return it. Not only that the disc versions of the game almost always are cheaper unless PSN has discounted games as a PSN member or just tuesday deals.
    As for the PSP games there is a place to put the game in. Its a little disc you slide into your psp. From experience they break easily so be careful.
    Also its all personal preference digital is better in terms of you can go through your storage click and play whatever game is installed on your hard drive and play it and you don’t have to carry games around. Having the copy makes it so it is more valuable if you wanna let your friend borrow it or return it etc.
    And lastly PSN uses the same thing as xbox except the currency is just dollars… not microsoft points. So if you want $50 worth of PSN stuff you can install your credit card info into it (which is not always smart especially with the psp as people can steal it easily) or buy cards with codes on it that you type in and a digital appears with the money you have on your psn account.
    Hope this helps

  2. James says:

    Games you buy on psn can be purchased using a credit card or with the psn gift cards (very similar to itunes). All the games on psn store tend to be more expensive than the retail version so i would stick to buying the games from the shop for now. Do not by the psp games frm the shop for ur vita. The vita does not have the correct slot for psp games, although yes you can buy them from the psn store. And yes the cheaper places you can find the games the better.
    Hope this helped. 😀

  3. G. Arikado says:

    You download them from the store [it’s cheaper.]
    You can either use a credit card [not recommended; though I don’t recommend giving it out to any sort of subscription service you can pay off with cards: MMOs, PSN, Xbox Live, etc] or buy the cards in stores.
    I recommend getting a PS+ subscription, so you can get FREE games for your Vita.
    You can also buy them in stores, but it’s kind of a hassle, and it really just simplifies the whole thing to do it online.

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