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Yesterday I bought a game from a seller on amazon. I clicked my account to see what was happening and it says dispatching soon- what does that mean? and how long do you think it will take to deliver. The estimate is 26th may- 8th june

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  1. RobertH says:

    The estimate is when the game or item may arrive. If it hasn’t arrived before the 8th of June then you should complain but until then just wait. Usually items arrive in a few days. Bare in mind though that amazon and its sellers mostly work mon to fri to if you order the game late on friday or across the weekend. They won’t deal with the order until there back in work on monday. This is probably why it says dispatching soon. Depending on the sellers back log from the weekend I would expect your item to be dispatched on monday or tuesday and depending on the delivery option you choose it’ll probably be with you by the end of the week.

  2. Edward Whitehead says:

    This means that they will dispatch it (send it in the post) when they have packaged it and stamped it. If you have it on free delivery after they have sent it I received my games within 3 days however it states when you order it takes 3-5 days.

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