Buying Half A Size Down In Vans?

I recently saw a pair of really nice leopard print Vans on a website I frequently go to. Unfortunately however, the biggest size they have them in is 10.5 and I usually wear size 11s with Nike and Converse. I think these are called Van Dorens. They DO have my size available on other sites but I want to get them from here as I have store credit and discount codes for this specific site. Would I be okay getting half a size down?

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One Response to “Buying Half A Size Down In Vans?”

  1. B says:

    I would say no, Vans generally fit pretty tight until you break them in. I wear a size 8.5 in Nike’s and if i really wanted to i could get away with an 8, but my Vans are 8.5’s and i would never be able to go down to an 8. I guess if you dont mind them being tight you could go for it.

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