Calculate Bill Of Exchange Of Given Question Please?

X sold goods of rupee 10,000 to Y. on 1 jan X drew upon a bill for a satne for 3 months Y accepted the bill and refused it to X on the same date .X discount the bill with bank @ for rupee 10% p.a. . The bill was dishonoured as the due date and the bank pay rupee 50 noting charges . X agreed to accept a some of rupee 5,300 in cash from Y and agree to drew two new bill on Y , one for Rs. 3,000 for 2 months and sec 2,000 for 3 months in full satisfaction of his clam Y accepted the bill and returned them to X. X endorse the first bill to Z and the same was duly paid on maturity. the sec bill was dishonoured and Y became insolvent , and a dividend of 25 paisa in the rupee was received from his property. Pass journal entries in the books of X.

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