Call Of Duty Blackops 2 Nuketown Map!?

Okay so here we have two different versions of the game. I didn’t pre order BO2 and i want it for xmas will iget nuke town? you have this version
then you have this version:
why are there 2 versions? will i get nuketown with the first one? i don’t get it. please help

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2 Responses to “Call Of Duty Blackops 2 Nuketown Map!?”

  1. Mwilkey says:

    I didnt preorder it but the version I got came with a code for nuketown. All I had to do was redeem the code and then let it download. After that you can play on nuketown whenever you want.

  2. xmarieee says:

    Yeah, I didn’t pre-ordered mine too, but I still got it. The nuketown 2025 wasn’t on the playlist anymore though, they mixed in random maps so it kind of sucks and lame. Everyone are having issues about it.

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