Can a Apple Premium Reseller offer the student discount?

I have a premium apple reseller close by and i was wondering if that can offer me the student discount like the apple website does

Thanks !

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One Response to “Can a Apple Premium Reseller offer the student discount?”

  1. Forest H says:

    I’m not sure what you mean by "premium" reseller and you didn’t specify which reseller it is so I can’t look it up for you.

    However SOME authorised apple retailers can offer the education discount. To do this however they need to be an official apple store OR have specially applied to be an education reseller from apple [which might i add isn’t the easiest thing to do].

    So you really won’t know unless you go in and ask.

    The other thing is not just anyone is eligible for an edu discount. I know in australia not all universities/colleges are eligible so you have to check on the apple website.

    Finally even if this "premium" reseller are not authorised education dealers and want to charge you full price I suggest you buy from there anyway in support of local business. Buying macs online hurts the local retailers who make next to nothing on macs anyway and a lot of them are also service centres and will treat you nicer if you come in and your problematic mac was one of theirs.

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