Can A Guest Come With Me When I Travel Abroad?

For school, college, They have a two week travel abroad program to earn college credits and just have a good time/study. Do you think they’d be okay with my fiance joining our group if we pay the extra fees? I’m going to ask, but does this happen often? His parents have always wanted to do something like this for him and I’d love to do something like this with him and other classmates.
He’s graduated already, but there are two schools partnering up to go, one of which was the one he graduated from. I spoke with the lady who is in charge of it without thinking to ask about whether or not a guest can come, but in conversation, she spoke of how she hoped she could get enough students because then we get better discounts on like museums and such, with a larger group. She said, combined, we’d have like 20 people (not much!).
I’m not super rich, and this trip is once in a lifetime, and I think it’d be nice to have my fiance come along, because it could just be once in a lifetime for him as well (since we’re mega-savers, we don’t like to spend money).

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One Response to “Can A Guest Come With Me When I Travel Abroad?”

  1. Charles Castlemore says:

    Probably, but you need to talk to whomever is running the trip.
    It depends on the rules of the specific trip.

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