Can a sale of business be dissolved?

If a business is sold to another company and the buyer hasn’t paid the contracted figure for the sale (non of it !!) Is there a way to dissolve the agreement so that the original owner could then find another buyer or is it treated like any other debt, i.e, get in line.
Hi, it does seem a silly question but it is a rather strange scenario believe me. The contracts were signed and the sale was to be paid in installments over a few months. The buyer has not made any payments but the business has carried on trading under this person due to the kind of business it was. Can the plug still be pulled so to speak?

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2 Responses to “Can a sale of business be dissolved?”

  1. Kernow Lady says:

    Surely if the sale is going through and the buyer is not coming up with the money, then no sale has taken place, so you are free to get another buyer. Cannot see how a Solicitor can sell a business for no money ?
    Am I missing something.?
    Wow thats a new one. What does the contract of sale say ie. funds must be paid within !! days or business reverts to owner. This is one for your Solicitor. Has this anything to do with previous questions about dilapidations.

  2. Harbinger says:

    You can sue them for the unpaid debt.

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