Can A Simple Bathroom Rug Liven Up The Place?

Anyone looking for a quick way to make an old, tired bathroom look a bit different will find it’s not always necessary to spend a fortune. Starting with the simple, affordable items in a bathroom can sometimes result in some great appearance-altering looks for a room. One of the best places to start is with the bathroom rug.

These little creations might not seem very important, but a good bathroom rug can be a treasure in any home. In fact, when a bathroom rug is just right, it can make a person feel like a king or queen when they step out of the shower or tub and run their feet over the carpeted area.

Different styles in these rugs can offer all kinds of different design possibilities, too. Here are some options:

Upbeat: Consider a funky, fun design for the rugs in a bathroom to give the room a whimsical feel. When these rugs are combined with other simple accessories, any bathroom can be made to look completely different.

Theme: There are all kinds of bathroom themes, and with them there are all kinds of rugs. From the tried and true fish theme to lighthouses, shells and beyond, a theme rug can bring a decorating scheme together and make a bathroom take on a completely different look without having to buy new fixtures or bathroom furnishings.

Childish: Children’s bathrooms should be places where fun is the number two priority. Trailing only to safety, fun in a kid’s bathroom can be achieved by using bright, colorful rugs, theme rugs and even cartoon character designs. The sky is the limit when it comes to imaginative ideas for good rugs in a child’s bathroom.

Upscale: Plush, soft and luxurious would be key in creating the most upscale type of look. To make this so, accessories, including the bathroom rug, should be updated to match a design pattern while also ensuring the materials chosen provide the ultimate in comfort for the feet and the eyes.

Traditional: Some people adore theme rugs, but others prefer their bathrooms to take on a particular color tone. If a more traditional design is desired, a solid colored rug for the bathroom might be in order.

There are a lot of options when it comes to rugs for the bathroom. While most people opt to avoid using rugs to cover the entire floor, small throw rugs can create an updated look in the room with little trouble. To ensure the longest life for a new rug in the bathroom, it’s a good idea to:

* Make sure it doesn’t get drenched. This can be tough, but if it’s done, a musty smell from the rug won’t take over the room. If they do get drenched, dry them right away.

* Wash them. When rugs chosen are small, bathroom creations by design, it’s generally pretty easy to pick them up and wash them. Some people do this on a weekly basis and others opt for once a month or so. Whatever the frequency, a clean, dry rug is less likely to pick up a mildew issue.

One of the best ways to quickly update the look of a bathroom is to change out the accessories. The first one to start with for many is the bathroom rug. Offering eye and foot appeal, these accessories are important not only in function, but also in creating a designer feel.

Source by Riley Hendersen

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