Can Any Conservative Explain Ryan And Romney’s “budget”?

So, given that there seems to be a large population of people unfortunately voting for Romney and Ryan because of some preconceived notion that Obama “failed the U.S. Economy” (Despite… You know… Having half of the congress utterly avoiding any single bill he presents) and so they believe they’re voting for the “lesser evil”.
Let’s take a look at their plan, despite their vagueness and avoiding actually explaining any specifics.
– Keep the bush tax cuts
– Don’t raise taxes on the middle class
– Don’t raise taxes on the rich
– Replace Medicare with a “Voucher Program”
– Close “loopholes” in the tax code (not explaining what those loopholes actually are)
– DON’T cut funding to any government programs.
– Add 2 trillion dollars to the defense budget, despite the military not asking for it.
So, can any conservative care to explain how any of that is even remotely mathematically possible? Please, I’m quite interested to know how this magic budget is supposed to keep taxes at their current level, while at the same time not cutting spending, adding trillions to the military’s budget, and somehow not cut programs vital to the middle class.
If you look at the budget, it’s easy to dismiss it as not mathematically possible! I don’t understand how anyone thinks it can work! You can’t close so many loopholes that it rakes in enough to cover the tax cuts, government spending, and the pointlessly large amount of money they hope to throw at the military!
The fact is this, the only way to make this budget “work” would be to gut programs to the middle class so much that they’re virtually ineffective.
This budget won’t work. That is a simple fact, and if you try adding up the math you’ll see that it’s impossible.

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8 Responses to “Can Any Conservative Explain Ryan And Romney’s “budget”?”

  1. The Big says:

    Nobody can. Simple as that.

  2. American says:

    It’s not a simple answer, but if anyone can do it, they can. Clearly, Obama has no intention of doing anything other than taxing all of us more, and then, we don’t have a clue what Obama will blow it on then.

  3. Citadelg says:

    You don’t have to worry about it, it’s coming. Whether you pretend not to understand or not.
    Sitting around and hand wringing about “you know, half of congress” is bullshyte and you know it, your side had supermajorities, and blew it.
    Your guy is fired, deal with it.

  4. M says:

    Keep the bush tax cuts
    cause they just helped the economy so much
    – Don’t raise taxes on the middle class
    well, has to get money from somewhere for the extra spending… guess he has extra cash in his foreign bank accounts
    – Don’t raise taxes on the rich
    cause it help the economy so much b4
    – Replace Medicare with a “Voucher Program”
    because everybody wants it like that… NOT!
    – Close “loopholes” in the tax code (not explaining what those loopholes actually are)
    only ones that affect middle class… college tax cuts ect
    – DON’T cut funding to any government programs.
    well, actually he said he would cut everything to pay for the tax cuts… guess i missed a recent flop
    – Add 2 trillion dollars to the defense budget, despite the military not asking for it.
    because the largest military in the world is not big enough

  5. Ken says:

    These 2 liars don’t even know

  6. Captain E.C.C. says:

    Google Reaganomics please

  7. Davis says:

    Romney has been balancing budgets all his life. Ever since he got out of college he’s been doing the same thing that this country needs most. Making money, making jobs, and making good decisions. Romney has had more accomplishments in life than Obama in every area. He is rich beyond measure because he made the right business decisions. He has 5 boys who are all succesful and have families of their own. He took control of the olympics in Utah and turned it around making large profits and pretty much saving the olympics. While Obama has never even had a job before besides being a senator for a few years, and he never even signed any bills. He has two little girls and a wife who hates fat people… I think it’s safe to say that Romney wins this round.
    Why post this question when you could just figure this out yourself..?

  8. Drixnot says:

    Think about this… they want to cut “loopholes” That means set dollar amount tax credits like EIC will be gone …. the MAXIMUM that particular credit can get is 5k or so. But to cut the tax percentage…. things like that favor the rich.
    Tax plan 1 – 30% tax rate with a 5k credit
    tax on 1 million = 300,000 – 5k credit = 295,000
    tax on 50k = 15,000 – 5k = 10,000
    tax plan 2 – 20% tax rate
    tax on 1 million = 200,000
    tax on 50k = 10,000
    See that… rich person saves 95k… middle class saves NOTHING even though the tax rate went down 10%. Its even worse under the Romney/Ryan plan since we have a progressive tax system and there are allot more tax credits than just EIC…. the savings are even BIGGER for the wealthy and the middle class will actually end up paying MORE in taxes even though the base tax rate goes down.
    Republican politicians count on their voting base being bad at math and just following along with the propaganda.
    Now add to that the fact that Romney wants to completely eliminate capital gains taxes…. when the vast majority of HIS income is from capital gains… he would pay virtually nothing in taxes (as a tax rate)

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