Can anyone advise me on a pretty hairstyle for heavy hair?

if it helps, I am wearing this dress:

and I have long, heavy, brown hair and blue eyes, thanks.

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7 Responses to “Can anyone advise me on a pretty hairstyle for heavy hair?”

  1. Hi People says:

    Just wear it down or in a cute up-do.

  2. Nicholas Hoult says:

    depending on the colour of your skin tone maybe you should dye it blonde considering you have blue eyes.

  3. krissy_babes88 says:

    this hair style of sjp would look great with thick hair and this dress, an updo with a side sweep of the bangs, you can even do curlys on top instead!

  4. sarielizard says:

    If you have problems with it you could get it cut and thinned. If you want to keep it long, try layers or just curling the ends. Really long, heavy hair is hard to do anything with other then being long and pretty.

  5. Rosie says:

    Me too! I always wear my hair half-half, (half up half down).

    Thats a really hot dress! Nice!

    Also if you have Bump-its, then I suggest using those with the Half-half style. Oh, and leave your bangs down. If you have them.

  6. B. says:

    if your looking for a cute everyday hairstyle to try out these tutorials. they are awesome. ;D


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