Can Anyone Help Me On My Cover Letter?

I am trying to write a cover letter, this is what I wrote so far.
I chose XXX to work because of its’ reputation in the finance field and its’ international presence.
I like to work in a demanding working environment and I have the necessary experience to adapt for such.
A graduate with strong communicational and organizational skills gained through Project Management, Sales and Marketing, Customer Service positions held during the last 6 years.
I am matured and I am motivated to provide the very best by transferring my knowledge and skills to adapt quickly into your demanding working environment at XXXX.
Dose the above sentences I wrote make any sense to you?
Dose it need any corrections?

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One Response to “Can Anyone Help Me On My Cover Letter?”

  1. Bees Nest says:

    The whole thing is horrible. I’m not trying to be mean, but that cover letter will not land you an interview. They most likely will pitch it after the first sentence. I don’t even know where to begin to help you because I don’t know your background. You are using incomplete sentences for one: ” A graduate with strong….” You need to have complete sentence and proper grammar in a cover letter. They are appropriate for the resume, but not the cover letter. It should be, ” I am a graduate”
    Everybody puts those cliches in cover letters: strong communicational and organizational skills…and it is communication skills. not communicational, which isn’t even a word.
    You need to stand out. Tell specifics about successes that are quantifiable. Start out with a strong intro like this for example: I am responding to blank job posting as I feel that I meet your requirements as a candidate and would like you to consider me for the position. I have worked ten years as a project manager in sales and marketing. In my years experience I have (Tell specific successes that make you stand out) outsold all competitors by 10 percent.)
    Always close by thanking them for taking time to review your resume, and tell them you will follow up on said date.
    Make sure the top of the cover letter has all your contact info on the left or centered.
    John Doe
    Jan 5, 2013
    Dear Hiring Manager:
    Cover letter three paragraphs
    John Doe
    There are a million examples online. I suggest you study them. Also, use spell check and put your grammar setting on Word at the highest and make sure it shows the squiggly lines to show spelling and grammatical errors. Have Word explain what is wrong and make suggestions. It will greatly improve your grammar. It’s how I learned.

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