Can Anyone Help Me Out?

i am 18 years old(girl) and i met this younger girl shes 13 and i used to just help her out. like i lent my stuff. my ipod and other things. i bought her things like food. and i bought justin bieber tickets for her since she asked. her dad didnt wanna pay. so i was going to take her for free since she wanted to go so bad. but she never really appreciated it. she only talked to me when she needed something from me. eventually she told me her parents say stuff about me like oh why is she being so nice to you probably wants something in return. and they didnt want me around her really. but they didnt want to meet me or she ignored me most of the time but when the concert came around she talked and i was going to give her a chance but this really depressed me when i found out shes just using me since shell answer me when its convenient for her. i ended up telling her that cause i hid it for so long it kind of came out. and shes like thats not true i dont talk to u for only tickets. and she ended up saying she doesnt wanna go with someone like me since i dont believe her and im acting upset with her and that she’ll find tickets from someone else. and that shes done talking to me. i got mad at her and said some things back but i tried apologizing all of november to get her to come with me like put it behind and just come. she didnt answer me all those times. she thought she could find it from someone else but it didnt happen. it took alot to get those tickets i went in the rain to get the money for it. i got up early in the morning and waited till they were on sale. then i had to find a last minute buyer. now that the concerts over i decide to talk to her and i explained to her why im so mad and then i said hes coming here again next year why dont we try again and ill get them again. and i apologized. but she didnt answer. she reads everything i say and ignores it. since november all my messages have been ignored. she decided to block me after i reached out. i feel sad and regretful and im wondering if anyone had any advice for me.

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3 Responses to “Can Anyone Help Me Out?”

  1. Isaiah Hughes says:

    I think you have become too attached. She sounds like just a little brat. Forget her

  2. jezabell says:

    Here’s what I think. She was using you obviously. You gave her everything she wanted. And when you called her out on it she got mad because she knows it was true. You should get some friends your own age. Seriously an 18 yr old repeatedly sending messages to a 13 yr old so they can be ‘friends’ again. Kind of sad. You’ll have much better luck with girls your own age, they are much more mature.

  3. blisteri says:

    Couldn’t finish your question cause you got diarrhea of the mouth, but I think I got the gist. Drop this person like a bag of hammers… you’re going to have a lot of friends in your life…. hopefully they will be good and will go over the moon for you. I have and had friends that I did the same for me. don’t waste your time with losers. No Offense, Good Luck.

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