Can Anyone Help Me With This Math Problem Please?

patricia bought 5 shirts and 8 pairs of slacks for 345$ @ super discount world, john bought 7 of the same shirts and 3 of the same slacks at the same store and his total was 237$. how much did each shirt cost, how much did eeach pair of slacks cost?

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2 Responses to “Can Anyone Help Me With This Math Problem Please?”

  1. ProfRay says:

    Let s represent the cost of a shirt in $
    Let p represent the cost of a pair of slacks in $
    Patricia’s cost: 5s + 8p = 345
    John’s cost: 7s + 3p = 237
    Solve the above system for s and p, use any method you wish
    s = 21 and p = 30
    Check this result in the original equation(s), I did!
    So a shirt cost $21 and a pair of slacks cost $30
    GL you will need it!

  2. Cheese "Wce" says:


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