Can Anyone Please Help To Correct This Letter?

Sub: Price discount (1.1.2012 to 30.9.2012)
Dear Sir,
With reference to above subject we are hereby sending the details of price discount allowed to xxxy markets aas per your approval during the period 1.01.12 to 30.09.12. As agreed, kindly reimburse the amount through credit note as per the details mentioned below.

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One Response to “Can Anyone Please Help To Correct This Letter?”

  1. greenhor says:

    Dear Sir,
    Sub: Price discount on sales of your product during the period 1.1.2012 to 30.9.2012
    We enclose a statement of sales made by us on your behalf.
    As agreed to by you, please send us your credit note for the amount of discount due to us on these sales for the xxy market.
    Thank you.
    (I presume that my understanding of the transaction is correct. In case it is not so, then you would have to modify the draft letter.)

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