Can Anyone Recommend Any Good Iphone 4s Cases? (off Amazon Only Please).?

My iPhone 4S is my christmas present from my parents (my brother chose S3).
I opened just the seal today (didn’t switch the phone on) and have decided that I love the build & look of it so am sticking with it.
I have looked at a few cases but was wondering if anyone knew any good/ not too expensive ones that can be bought off Amazon? I was looking at these today and quite like them.
The Jelly Belly cases have been reduced on Amazon but not sure about those either as people say on reviews that they’re “sticky”.
Additional info; It’s a White iPhone. And I’d like a silicone/ gel case, although it’s not a must.

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One Response to “Can Anyone Recommend Any Good Iphone 4s Cases? (off Amazon Only Please).?”

  1. Hannah says:

    I wouldn’t go with a silicone case because it doesn’t protect your phone very well. Otterbox cases are very well known for their durability and protectiveness. They cost around $20 depending on which kind you get.

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