Can anyone tell how a personal black tea sales to sell tea to Europe?

I am a tea sales from Taiwan. I wish to sell my product to Europe.

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2 Responses to “Can anyone tell how a personal black tea sales to sell tea to Europe?”

  1. Jad K says:

    first you need to check the big supermarkets like CARREFOUR, AUCHAMP, …… then check if they have the same product as urs.
    if not, contact them directly by mail or by phone , get a schedule for a Rendez-vous and bring ur products with you.

    At the same time, once in France take the time to check the independant tea shops.

    start with france they like those products.

    good luck

  2. twigsbiz says:

    If you are selling a branded tea i.e. for European retail stores, you must identify which stores and have samples ready to be submitted with any pertinent information highlighting why they should consider your product.Also look for food distributors in your chosen market (but be careful).Make sure it’s in a language that your Euopean market understands especially the consumer.Make sure your packaging is consistent with EU regulations etc.If you are selling your tea wholesale i.e. in bulk,then I would suggest finding a partner or import house that knows how to move your product at an agreed price. Try looking for someone in Germany,they are pretty good in flavoring,packaging and all sorts of Tea logistics .Beware- there are many crooks out there also waiting for new entrepreneurs like yourself.

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