Can anyone tell me anything useful about this?

I bought it off ebay last night an Im planning to install it on this PC to play games. He’s not left a very good description so could anyone tell me a little bit more about it pros/cons etc?

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4 Responses to “Can anyone tell me anything useful about this?”

  1. tellygonemad says:

    its an ok card!! will boost an old pc and might play modern games!! one down side is it has ho fan to keep it cool which may cause game crashes due to heat being to high!!

  2. pentiumwetwired says:

    For the price, thats not a bad card. I just hope that you have an AGP slot to accept it (I have no way of checking this for you without more information about your computer). This card should run a fair amount of the newer games though you can forget Crysis and the like.

  3. hihosilver666 says:

    its a rather under powered agp card, if you have a newish pc it wont fit, modern pcs use pci, not agp, you need to check your mobo.

  4. Macgyver says:

    put it in your computer and turn it on the required drivers should be found if not you can get them on line

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