Can Anyone Tell Me What Department Store These Tags Are From?

There is no department store name on the tags, but their is a little box with the letters “EPC” in it. I got these items for Christmas, one a Bali bra and one a pair of Levi jeans. The jeans are fine, but I will have to exchange the bras and since most stores let you exchange without reciept, I figured I’d find out on my own where they came from and avoid having to let my gift giver know they didn’t get the right kind. You know.…

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One Response to “Can Anyone Tell Me What Department Store These Tags Are From?”

  1. Vegan_Mo says:

    From whom did you get the clothes?
    Where does s/he live?
    Can you ask him or her from where they purchased the gifts and if they can return them?
    Also, if you know where the giver lives, you might be able to figure out where s/he got the clothes.

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