Can Car Financing Be Pulled If Income Was Shown To Be False?

My sister is mentally off (off and on in drug rehab). She went with her unemployed convict husband and financed a car for 19,000. She makes 348 plus 600 in disability a month. She maxed out every credit card for 7000 down payment and was financed for 200 a month. I just found out, she got the car 2 weeks ago. I need to know if I can call the bank who financed her and explain the salesman bumped her income way up and used her good credit to push the sale through. My sister will bankrupt in no time if I cannot help her. She has agreed to allow me to speak on her behalf even though she wants to keep the vehicle. Is there anything I can do to help her out of this mess she created? Is the dealership at fault at all for not checking her actual income? I don’t want to get her in more trouble and I cannot afford her payments.

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3 Responses to “Can Car Financing Be Pulled If Income Was Shown To Be False?”

  1. ElGrande says:

    Unless you are her husband or the executor of her estate, the lender will not allow you to “speak on her behalf”.
    She needs to do this herself.

  2. paul l says:

    Call the dealer and ask for the general manager or owner. Explain the fraud. If that does not work contact the finance company. That should do it. If that does not work contact the States licensing department. If that does not work you have the police. That last one could get hour sister in trouble

  3. Love big words says:

    I think this comes down to boundaries and, unless your sister is your charge, none of your concern.

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