Can Carphone Warehouse Tell Me To Speak To Xbox About My Console?

I got a free xbox with a phone contract just under a year ago and over the weekend the xbox keep freezing, i considered it to be under warranty so took it back to carphone and they said they are not intrested and i should send it to microsoft to be repaired, i have tried reading the warranty info and sale of good acts but cant get my head round it can anyone please shed some light on this as repairs take around two to three weeks and before i go for a repair i would like to know my options
Many thanks in advance

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3 Responses to “Can Carphone Warehouse Tell Me To Speak To Xbox About My Console?”

  1. Lewis says:

    If it still is under warranty, contact Xbox and they will repair it for you free of charge. I’ve had this problem before, it’s really simple.

  2. Smoker says:

    you have 2 years warranty, you should contact the xbox support … you will open a practice and the courier will collect the ‘xbox 360.

  3. Bradley says:

    The carphone warehouse sells phones for other companies so who are you with Vodafone or orange etc…
    The sale of goods act states that it is the person who sold you the goods and not the manufacturer and the item you purchased has to be for purpose which it clearly is not. So ring whoever you are with and tell them that I did with my iPhone which broke within days and they replaced it within days and not apple but, Vodafone.

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