Can Dundrum Shopping Centre (ireland) Vouchers Work On The Google Play Store?

hi, I have been trying to get my hands on a Google Play voucher, I don’t think you can get them in Dublin, Ireland (if you know you can, then tell me) so I’m wondering if you can use the Dundrum Shopping Centre vouchers (link: the Google Play Store, on the website it explains what the ‘gift-card’ is….. “The Dundrum Town Centre Gift Card is a pre-loaded debit card and works off the MasterCard platform.”
I have heard that the card can be used to purchase flight tickets off the internet, I am wondering if the voucher can work as a “credit card” type thing where you type the number into your Google account so you can then purchase things off the store through the “gift-card”
Somebody please help me and tell me what you know about my problem!!!!
Thanks a million in advance,

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