Can I Apply For Housing Voucher Section 8?

So Basically I lost my job this year, am currently collecting unemployment but my benefits will soon run out. I am current on my rent and was talking with my landlord. I wont be able to afford my rent once UC runs out, I have a job offer but it is for about 30% of what I made before and it will be below the poverty line. My landlord said he has never taken section 8 subsidy before but wouldnt have a problem if it were for me, since I was always a good tenant. Can I apply for housing voucher and stay where I am? is there a rent cap for what they will pay usually? My rent is very affordable and my landlord has kept it low as he wanted to keep me and its great for the place. It would make more sense for me to stay then to have to apply and find another place. How does this work?

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  1. Cathi K says:

    You go to the local HUD office. They will say there is a 5 year waiting list with a priority to disabled, families, and seniors or they will say sorry the waiting list has been closed and has a 5 year waiting list. IF it is open apply but you are way low on the totem pole.

  2. Ann says:

    It doesn’t work that way. Section 8 has a very long waiting list and you need to get on the bottom of the list and wait your turn. You don’t get to jump in front of everyone.

  3. acermill says:

    Sec. 8 generally pays only a portion of rents, and that amount is determined by your earnings capability. However, as others have said, Sec. 8 waiting lists in most areas are very lengthy (five or more years), with some areas simply refusing to take more applications until their wait lists grow shorter. As well, there is a ‘priority’ used in granting a Sec. 8 voucher. Such priority goes to the elderly, the disabled, and those with dependent children.. If you do not fall into any of those classes, your wait for a voucher will be endless. You can only check with your local housing authority to determine the situation in your area.

  4. Flower says:

    If you are in Calif. because you mentioned UC, most Section 8 programs are closed and that means to even apply you have to wait for the process to open, and then you go on a waiting list for about 5 years to get a voucher. Preference goes to seniors, disabled and working families. You cannot apply unless you are employed. You have a long wait because those who have been approved are looking for a place to live. You should move in with some other students.

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