Can I Ask About 2 Job Applications?

i sent in 2 job applications for the same place …
1. Stock Associate
2. Sales Associate
I know the best thing to do is call, and ask the manager if he can review your App.
My friend works there. But when i call, can i ask them to Review both the
Stock/Sales Associate. or should i make those separate calls/Different days?

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One Response to “Can I Ask About 2 Job Applications?”

  1. goodness says:

    Don’t call at all. If you submitted your applications already, they should be in the process of reviewing your application. I would wait for a response for both applications. If you haven’t gotten any responses within a two week span, THEN I would give them a call to follow up on your applications (both that is to say). But note, make sure that the company is okay with receiving calls because some human resource departments do not prefer phone calls.

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