Can I Buy A R4 Card Or Is Acekard 2i Really Needed?

Well all i want to do with the cards wud be uploading pokemon videos and MAYBE hacking SSBB (brawl). I notice that a regular R4 card is like 8 bucks which is an amazing price but apparently the acekard 2i which is 18.50 is so much better. Realhotstuff is sold out of them and i like their price of 12.97 but sigh i was wondering if r4 card wud be good enough for uploading those videos in good quality or do i have to get acekard 2i? Btw i got a dsi.

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2 Responses to “Can I Buy A R4 Card Or Is Acekard 2i Really Needed?”

  1. Archer says:

    acekard 2i can work on your dsi v1.43. it seems that you have a tight budget, you can have a look at this site , $18.2, and you can also find a discount code on the home page of this site

  2. Kylin says:

    2 can not work on dsi, just 2i can work on it. but what the firmware on your dsi? if it is v.1.45, then acekard 2i cannot work on it. you have to choose other cards.

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