Can I buy contact lenses online and use my HC2 voucher?

At boots opticians they charge me more for the contact lenses then online EVEN with the voucher so I was wondering if the vouchers would help me out online.

If so does anybody know a website which takes them?

Footprintz why not? They would get more customers. Anyway if they don’t ok. Thannks

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2 Responses to “Can I buy contact lenses online and use my HC2 voucher?”

  1. cynthia m says:

    your HC2 is not a voucher, it is a letter which certifies that you are entitled to NHS eye exams at the pemritted intervals, (usually every two years) and a voucher to help towards the cost of your glasses or contact lenses if there is a change in prescription or a need to replace through fair wear and tear . The voucher is a form GOS3, and you only get one per sight test when appropriate.
    An optician has to have a contract with the NHS to be able to claim the value of a voucher from the NHS, an on-line company would not be able to do this.

  2. Footprintz says:

    No websites are going to accept any vouchers. They have no interest in getting involved with submitting claims for vouchers or insurance claims.

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