can i buy tesco vouchers?

ok my daughetr is off to uni and i dont want to give her money as she will spend it in the bar so i tought food vouchers from tesco? can i buy them?

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  1. canarywharfs says:

    You could also order online and have it delivered to your daughter.

    That way you can be sure she will receive food and not booze! You can set up a list with and simply add or remove items from it and then send a delivery to her as often as you wish.

    E.g add basics such as bread, milk, pasta, tinned goods, rice etc

    Tesco will deliver this to her (even to a Halls), you can do the shop yourself online, it doesn’t take long.

    One thing to mention is to make sure you use a voucher when shopping online at Tesco, check and you should be able to get money off or extra clubcard points!

  2. Sally says:

    This might be a good solution

    Like a gift card that you can top up 🙂

  3. Call Me Madam says:

    By food vouchers I suppose you mean vouchers that they will not exchange for wine beer and spirit?

    Difficult that one because the vouchers are intended as an alternative to gifts, and I would be cross if I got a voucher which could not be exchanged for a bottle of tipple.

    Even if you do get food only vouchers what is to say that she wont sell on the stuff or the vouchers at a discount to mates and then get drinking money that way?

    You can get Tescos and other supermarkets to deliver ‘shop on line’. That way you could send her food parcels every week or so.

    Alternatively you could give her hampers of tins and packets. Probably safest because youngsters and fridges..yuk.

    Lets face it when she has been hung over and hungry for a week or two she will soon knock herself into shape.

    Remember, you have had 18 years to bring her up..

    Leave the next bit to her and put up with her finding out the hard way like the rest of us have.

  4. tiggsy says:

    I have bad news: tesco sells alcohol

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