Can I Choose Not To Pay My Medical Bills?

I have basic health insurance but my deductible is $2,750 and my out of pocket maximum is $5,000. I recently had to go to the emergency room for an anal abscess and the bill after insurance came to $1,860 because of my deductible (it would have been $5,500 without insurance). Can I choose just not to pay this and let it go to collections and damage my credit? I really don’t like the state of the healthcare system in the usa and how expensive it is even when you are insured. I gross only have $428 a week in both my jobs and $1,860 is a huge amount to owe. I’m not a thief, but is it okay to tell the billing department to go to hell and let them sue me? I’m seriously thinking about this. I think the healthcare system in the usa is really messed up and very unfair. I want to stick it to the system and not pay. Will the police come after me for doing this?

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4 Responses to “Can I Choose Not To Pay My Medical Bills?”

  1. Go with the flow says:

    They can sue you.
    They can garnish your wages and go after your assets.
    If people could just rack up debt and never pay.
    And just have it damage their reports for a few years, don’t you think everyone under the sun would be doing this?
    Also remember that employers check, so do landlords, lenders, even car insurance.
    Contact the hospital. When I was young I had medical debt written off by them.
    They gave me a discount, and then was also a fund to pay off people’s debts.
    I remember having to go in person to show them my pay stub, etc.
    With a doctors bill, they put me on a 2 year payment plan.
    Who are you sticking it to?
    Others that pay out of pocket. The system does not absorb the debt.
    They just pass it on to other users…..
    If the system absorbed all these debts, doctors and hospitals would just shut down.

  2. Mycroft says:

    Offer a lump-sum of $100 to settle the entire amount. They will most likely reject the offer at first, but then you tell them that in that case, you won’t pay anything. If they take legal action, that’s their prerogative, but with your income they won’t get much. They may make a counter-offer, which you can then counter, and so on, but don’t offer more than you can reasonably pay.

  3. DON W says:

    If you simply don’t pay, these things will happen:
    –Your credit score will take a dive.
    –You will be sued.
    –You will be unable to get credit cards, auto loans, or a mortgage
    –You will be unable to go back to that hospital (or any related hospital) for future care
    While I agree about the problems with the health care system, not paying will NOT make the statement you are seeking–it will be handled by an underpaid billing clerk at the hospital who doesn’t care about your message. She will simply follow the procedures in a manual she has at her desk. The person who will be hurt will be you.
    In my opinion it’s best to talk to the hospital and see if you can work out a payment plan that both of you can live with.

  4. Pascal the Gambler says:

    Sure, and they can sue you and garnish your wages. They will get their money.
    “I’m not a thief” _ then why are you stealing their money?

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