Can I Claim Educational Expenses If They Are Included In My Tuition?

I get my books and supplies from the book store at school, however the cost is included in my tuition. the receipts i get say the cost of the supplies but under the cost it also says i have a 100% discount so the amount on the receipt comes to zero. can i still use these receipts and t the amount for my books and supplies int taxes? I am technically paying this. just not right at that moment right? our is Rhett something that i would assume is included in my tuition statement that i got?

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2 Responses to “Can I Claim Educational Expenses If They Are Included In My Tuition?”

  1. rtfm says:

    If the cost of books is included in your tuition, then you report the tuition amount you paid.
    You can only claim expenses you actually PAY. You paid zero for the books, so you can claim a zero if you want to, but that would be pretty pointless.

  2. Pascal the Gambler says:

    You claim the tuition. The books are included in that. You can’t then claim them again.

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