Can I continue to claim single person discount on council tax?

My partner will be moving in with me and my house will be his main residence. However, he will continue to pay full council tax on his own property. I currently claim the single persons discount. Can I continue to do this? My partner’s property will continue to be lived in by his ex-wife. I really don’t want to fall foul of the law!

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5 Responses to “Can I continue to claim single person discount on council tax?”

  1. Margaret S says:

    You cant get the single person discount if there are two of you living there.

  2. PAMELA says:

    I am sorry but you will lose the discount because you will not be a single occupier will you? i don’t know why you would think that you could still claim the single person discount when someone is living with you,the council wont care if your partner is still paying council tax elsewhere. You should tell the council as soon as he moves in,maybe the ex wife should pay the council tax? she will get a 25% discount now!

  3. DR + Mrs Bears face says:

    If your partner can prove that he is paying the full 2 person council tax at his own property then he will not be asked to pay again.
    If his ex wife is the sole resident and gets the single person discount then he must be counted as a resident in your house.
    Even if he pays his ex wife’s bill that is a private arrangement between them. Legally the resident i.e.the wife is liable for council tax not your partner.

  4. elle says:

    It is the councils decision to determine a persons sole/main residence. Your circumstances are that his sole/main residence will be with you and therefore he should be joint & severally liable on your council tax charge and a full council tax will be payable. His ex-wife will be the liable person for council tax at his previous address even if he has a private arrangement with her to pay the bill. The charge at that property should be in her name under council tax legislation. If she is the sole occupant of that property aged over 18 years then she can claim the single person discount.

  5. STEPHEN says:

    It’s called the single person discount, so you won’t still qualify when your partner moves in?

    Why would your partner continue to pay full council tax on a property he doesn’t live in?

    If his ex is the only adult in her house she will get a discount.

    Council tax is worked out on who lives in a property, not who owns it.

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