Can I Downgrade A Laptop To Windows 7?

I need a Dell laptop for college, but all of the ones currently for sale have windows 8 installed. My school requires windows 7. Is there any way I can buy a laptop and downgrade to windows 7?

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4 Responses to “Can I Downgrade A Laptop To Windows 7?”

  1. Michael says:

    Just put the windows 7 disc n and it will downgrade

  2. Andy says:

    Yes you can.Just put the windows 7 disc and restart.Even though the laptop is running windows 8 you still have the normal desktop.Windows 8 is faster and the UI is a little different but except the start which has totally changed everything else almost the same.

  3. racer15 says:

    yh u first needa change the bios to legacy mode which is fairly straight forward as itll be a option in the bios but accesing the new bios is a bit ifferent u needa go to settings(metro style one)and go to general then click retsrat and itll give u option and u slect it. once done till have the old legacy style bios and then u just insert ur windows 7 disc and u can either wipe the entire hdd or dual boot it with windows 8 and make the windows 7 largr as ull prob use it more. however it wont be free as u will still need a windows 7 licence but windows 8 is like 7 but faster and with the start menu just made larger(start screen) and it takes getting used to but theres tutuorials on how to use it and u can download classicshell which si free

  4. Andy L. says:

    Your school cannot require Windows 7. That can require Windows 7 or higher. I would buy a Windows 7 leftover laptop if they really mean Win 7, because your school is now obsolete immediately in that new purchases from the factory on almost every PC is Win 8 despite the fact that Win 8 was designed for touchscreen.
    You can buy the disks for Windows 7 and might be able to install Windows 8 and add Windows 7 and it will stay Win 7 until you ever have to restore the system, when it probably returns to Win 8.
    Telephone and/or email the school about the problem.

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