Can I Get A Job As An Auto Salesman ?

I am wanting to get into automotive sales? I am serious about it but am having some doubts. besides getting a suit and tie for the interview process, and proper hygiene in place, I am wondering if I should get in cellular or tire sales first? I really am passionate about automotives thats how I got to thinking that It would be potentially a good fit. E.g. I went to an auto and truck show in 2011 and was as passionate knowledgeable and able to talk shop on most anything automotive.

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  1. crusty old geek says:

    Aim for your goal, I thought about auto sales as a career once, keep your eye on the goal and don’t give up until you have achieved your goal. I knew at least 2 auto sales people and one that had some experience went to work for a Cadillac dealership. He said it was nice there because the people who came in could afford a car, all he had to do was help them find the right one. Don’t sell yourself short with any doubt. Have confidence and believe you are as good as anyone else and that you deserve to have a good job as much as anyone else. Once you believe this you will achieve it. Write this down on a piece of paper and keep it by your bedstand and read it every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to sleep. Don’t tell anyone who is negative as they will fill you with negative thoughts that can defeat you.
    I achieved my goal this way although I actually went into another line of work yet retired at the age of 52 with enough income to last the rest of my life. I am not rich but live a good comfortable life. You will have to act like a classy person for this type of work and have self control but it will be worth it in the long run. If I ever get bored with being retired I will put on a suit and head straight for the Cadillac dealership. Lexus or any other high cost auto will be good as well. Remember you can do it and don’t settle for less. If people ever told you when you were young that you would never amount to anything, they were wrong.

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