Can I Get My Deposit Back On Second Hand Car?

Asked to place a deposit on second hand car, which was at another sales showroom and not seen. Received description and photo only. Agreed price on basis subject to me checking vehicle and test driving it. Within 2 hours called garage to advise that did not want to see vehicle as it was not what I wanted and left message for salesperson. This confirmed next day to salesperson with reason that car model not what I was looking for and not wanting to see it. Deposit been paid into their account and cleared by credit card company. Can I obtain full refund

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2 Responses to “Can I Get My Deposit Back On Second Hand Car?”

  1. mccoyblu says:

    That all depends on the terms and conditions of the deposit. Was if FULLY REFUNDABLE? Did you even bother to ask? Did you read the fine print? Did you even sign an agreement?
    If you handed over money to a car dealer without a signed agreement you are a complete fool. Nobody hands over money without knowing the terms and condition of the agreement.

  2. Stpaulgu says:

    As long as you made it clear that purchase was subject to inspection, you can get a full refund. If you don’t, call your credit card company and dispute the charges. If the dealer makes a fuss, call the consumer affairs division of your state’s Attorney General office. They’ll get the dealer to refund pronto.

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