Can I Get My Job Back At Forever 21?

Back in January of 2012, I was hired at Forever 21 as a Sales Associate. The long story cut short is that I ended up leaving XXI to enlist in the Air Force. I DID put my 2 week notice in but I didn’t complete the 2 weeks. What happened was, when filling out my 2 weeks, my manager (which i have a personal friendship level with) asked me if I wanted to complete the 2 weeks or not. I then asked if it would affect me in the long run. His answer to me was NO, it would not. He then stated, “we don’t schedule anyone during their last 2 weeks anyways but I’m asking because obviously the pay would affect you.” I didn’t care about the pay honestly. I just wanted out at the time because I was so eager to join the Air Force.
The reason why I wanted to leave so abruptly was because the recruiter told me that if I continued the process of enlisting, he would try to get me a ship date almost immediately. He told me it was best if i left my job so that it wouldn’t hurt my chances of leaving earlier and also so I wouldn’t have to worry about the 2 weeks process if it turned out that i had a ship date.
I tried to get rehired about 3 or 4 months after because my recruiter was a total bullshitter, I put off the Air Force. I thought it was in my best interest to enroll in a community college and keep working to “fulfill my other dreams” and also get general college education. What they told me was that I came up in their system as “not re-hireable”. The hiring manager said that if I went to the store manager that she could talk to the district manager or something like that and that she would be able to override the system and get me rehired again.
That being said, I’ve decided to just write to corporate instead and explain them the situation BUT i don’t want to bash my own friend, even though he probably did it on purpose. Does anyone think i could potentially get my job back? I was an outstanding worker, never missed a shift, never complained and always had my stuff together work-wise. I was very professional and one of the best performing workers. not to mention, i went through 3 interviews and ended up being the only one hired from my interview.

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