Can I get railcard discount on London travelcard?

I have network railcard and I am planning to go London on Chrismas. I want to know if I can get 30% discount on travelcard using my network railcard.
I was in london and i did not get any discount of railcard..thanks for answers..

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3 Responses to “Can I get railcard discount on London travelcard?”

  1. weizy_26 says:

    yes you can and its a big saving ! have fun x

  2. liya79 says:

    no – it doesnt apply to the underground am afraid

  3. freddie says:

    No you cant get a discount with it.

    If you are just visiting I’d recommend you get an oystercard and charge it with prepay.

    This will give you discounts on single fares and if your daily single fares reach the price of a one day travelcard this will be capped and you will no longer be charged for your journeys that day plus you will also pay a little bit less then a paper travelcard.

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