Can I get students discount on oyster card if I am a foreign student?

I have just arrived in London and I want to get an oyster card. I am a student from Denmark. Can I apply for student’s discount if I want to get the Oyster card? I am starting my internship in a company soon.
PS: I am not studying in any university or college in the UK

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3 Responses to “Can I get students discount on oyster card if I am a foreign student?”

  1. luddite says:

    No. You have to be studying at an accredited educational establishment in London to get a student Oyster card.

  2. K Sun says:

    Visit the official website. You can buy the card from there. It explains all the discount options.

    Or you can buy one directly from the machine in any tube station. Or talk to the staff in the counter. They won’t smile at you so the machine is the same.

  3. Georgia says: is the website for the London Underground.

    If you go on it, it tells you the requirements for qualifying for a student oyster card. That is studying in London, as the card assists you getting to and from college or university.

    So you’re not a student here, so no you can’t have one.

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