Can I Get Your Thoughts On My Poem I Wrote For My Foster Mother?

God pours rain on me, he grows a wild flower
at sixteen, my father phucked my mother,
he wasn’t there when she pushed me out of her
My life’s a b 1 t c h , my foster mom knows nothing about her
I’ve been to hell and back, I’ll never show her my vouchers
she doesn’t like me rollin’ blunts, I smoke em for hours
she marries herself to my life, I break those vows
my bathroom drawer is full of cold razors
and my dresser holds a closed bible
I love her more than I hate
But things are horrible even when they’re great
I locked my door while he phucked me, heard her beg
she grounds me for having sex, I laugh and say
it felt so good when he was rubbing my leg
she don’t know the flavor, but she’s a koolaid fiend
while i’m a comedy movie, she’s a lifetime scene
when her words are like t.v static
i shut her up, i turn into megan-automatic
i laugh at the d1ck in her mouth, it phucks what she say
i’ll keep getting high as a b 1 t c h, cause im low every day
high up there, you are out of my way
okay, you say go to my room, then I’ll go on shroom-mode
my feelings are stuck in a beating safe. LOVE is the combination code
its megan, motherphucker, I’m in I don’t give a phuck mode
you keep knocking when I’m phucking, I don’t even check the peephole
you can keep knocking, even knock it down
I’ll moan louder as I hear your fist pound
So I was adopted when I was a baby, (I’m14now) and at first everything was great but when i turned 12 things just went down-hill. These are my feelings, how I feel about her. I know it isn’tthe best poem out there but i wanted to get my feelings out.

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